Are there borders, such boundaries, where nature ends and humanity begins, or so, where does man end and nature begins?

As we face the ecological crisis and major biodiversity  loss— the wildlife habitats, natural ecosystems, and engines we depend on begin to collapse.

The very fabric of our cities, our livelihoods, and the wildness of our nature crumble with its end.

The Animals We Are is an investigation and reimagination of the wild. To see anew, the beasts inside and outside of us, ultimately constrained within the ecological and social spatial boundaries that transcend evolutionary biology and anthropomorphism, but the living spaces we render and navigate in— the forests, the wetlands, the oceans, the mountains, the cities, and the values we’ve built upon. 


For it begins in the paradox of the human condition—
beyond the duality of life itself.

We kill to survive. We destroy to create. We demolish to build.
We die to be reborn. 

This paradox of our contradicting reality, where separation and disconnection, rifts from the natural world.

Man against nature. Nature against God. Predator and Prey.

Eco versus Ego. Mind against Bodies.

Where are the lines drawn, and where should these be blurred?

through life, death, and reconnection.

Death and Extinction

Story in The Manila Times