land and environmental defenders were killed in the Philippines from 2012 to 2021,
accounting to almost half of the injustices in the world along with Brazil and Colombia.

November 15, 2010

Leonard Co (botanist), Sofronio Cortez (forest guard), and Julius Borromeo (forest guide) were murdered by the army on the roots of a Tanguile tree as they were conducting botanical research for the conservation of the rainforests in Leyte, Philippines.


Linnaea Co, named after a twinflower (Linnaea borealis) is the bereaved and sole daughter of  slain botanist Leonard Co. She continues to process her grief since the muder of her father when she was just 8-years old.
She homes a tree nursery in honour of her father’s botanical legacy, planting wildlings across reforestation sites where her father used to bring her.

  how many more flowers?
     how many more years?
     how many more in this thirst for justice?


Teresita Borromeo, 56, the widow of slain forest guide Julius Borromeo, revisits the roots of where her husband was murdered in Kananga, Leyte.
She works as a farmer to provide for her five bereaved children as a single mother in a decade’s worth in search for justice.


‘A tree is born, a tree dies, the forest lives forever’
—Leonard L. Co